What is Happiness

What is Happiness


What is Happiness-  Can I help you find it


Did you know this question is put in to Google 5,000,000 times a month… This is one of the all time questions that people around the world want an answer to. Have you ever found yourself not being happy no matter how much wealth you gain, no matter how much your partner helps you or loves you, and nothing seems to truly give you the peace and happiness you seek.  Well I am here to tell you to not get discouraged. Happiness is so much easier to find than you think. 


My name is Nichole Grimshaw and I am currently on a happiness quest… I have studied cultures  and people throughout the world and have come up with psychological and life principals to creating a happier existence…For example, their is a tribe of people in Thailand who do not cry. I found this amazing, they are so good at letting go and following life’s flow that they never worry, fear, or cry. What would your life be like if you never cried again? I know i strive for their existence!  It is my life’s goal now to help people gain the peace and happiness in life I am learning to have and work towards. I am going to put these principals in a book but I want to begin to share my life and How I apply the principals with anyone who is interested in happiness but cant find the time themselves to get out there, meet other happy people, and go on this search themselves… 


You may ask what drove me to this quest… I want to tell you… I have went through a break up in the last month with someone I loved more than anything in the world. Yet, like most people he was looking for the next best thing, feared I would interfere with his success, and  and this was with a person who is in search of the next best thing at every turn, He always would talk about when he makes this much money he will get to do this and then he will be happy… In fact I read once on his goal list that he wants to make enough money so he can buy any wife he wants… I have never felt like that and I realize the majority of the world is on the wrong search and I am gifted for Loving where I am now… I want to teach Thinking, perspective, and Love that will fulfill people. Throughout my blog I am going to share the steps and importance on how I am moving towards letting go of my current pain but also how I find peace and happiness. I Hope I can give my insight so everyone around me can be happy as well… 



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