What is the meaning to Life



The meaning of life is extremely simple yet many people are forever in search of the meaning of life. It is simple think back to yourself and remember a time when you were the happiest in life. Chances are you had Peace of Mind.

Peace of Mind is the true meaning to life and the ultimate goal of everyone who is searching for happiness. Each one of us has the capability to make our own peace of mind and yet, we are always putting off our happiness and peace of mind. as people we tend to say, Ill be happy when I make a million dollars and then we are never at peace and that million dollars is something we long for and that longing makes us never really gain what we want. as people we need to be in a constant state of peace in order to live the life we strive for each day.

3 easy steps to gaining peace of mind

1. Acceptance of what has happened in the past– realize everything that happens to us, Happens because of our own thoughts and if we want to make things better we need to learn to accept the current state we are in. So accept your past and make peace with it. Go with the direction your past has taken you and follow the path your on now.

2. Forgiveness– No one is perfect and all of us strive towards peace of mind, forgive the people around you and yourself. there is no need to hold on to hurt or pain. practice letting go at every turn until you simply do it naturally. Empathy is the ultimate ability to feel the way others feel and understand why they did something. Try to get a sense for why someone is doing something and put yourselves in their shoes. Forgive them and forgive yourself because it does not matter how whole you are as a person, even Jesus needed forgiveness.

3. Give up on Fear and worry– I talk a lot of the time about becoming more child like and simply acting and doing what feels right. Fear holds us back and changes our path. People who worry all the time are the least peaceful people you will meet. For example, one of my best friends is always worried about what will happen when she gets a chance to open her own company and she has been working towards this for years. However, I remember talking to her about failing if this happens or if this happens and I can see that this gain in her life will more than likely be a struggle because of her fearful state of mind. Now think of the bravest person in your life. In mine it is a friend of mine Jack. He lives an amazing life and follows the path he is taken. I think he is currently starting a company, living in Vegas, and gained alot of recognition in a very small amount of time. he just acts on what is happening and does not worry about failing.





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