Why are People depressed?

Depression which is a widespread modern and psychological sickness. According to Web M.D. online 9 percent of Americans are Clinically depressed. That means if you stand in a crowd of 1000 people 90 of them are under such distress in their life that they can not find any happiness. Many of these people actually have very serious symptoms like not being able to sleep or sleeping too much, Not eating, or eating to much, constant crying and sadness, having no energy, and hopelessness. when we take a sincere look at depression we can find 3 major reasons people today are so restless and cant find the peace they desire

1. Finding Fault in Everything- 

Today’s society finds fault in everything and this has been engrained for each and every one of us to do every single day of our lives… No one is perfect, not me or you and certainly no one else… For example, my mother who is greatly sad each time I see her she will tell me how nothing in her life has worked out the way she wanted. She literally feels like only these things happen to her and that everyone else around her has no troubles and life is amazing and wonderful… I tell her each day how cool it is that she gets to try something new or start a new path from her perceived problems… Or we can look at our relationships… look at the divorce rate today; People are so happy for a couple of years then they start finding fault in the other person… My question is how can you expect a perfect partner if you are not perfect yourself… Why cant we accept each other and the things that happen to us. If we did we would all be much Happier!

2. Always looking for the Next Best Thing-

 Nothing satisfies us… we are constantly taking the good things for granted and thinking there will be something out their that makes us happier… the majority of the time there is nothing that will satisfy us or give us peace because we are always saying I will be happy when….. Then when we get that thing we say… Now, I will be happy when…. There is no true fulfillment of our desire… let go of longing and searching for the next best thing and just see what comes along… Have you ever been happy with what you have now!

3. Not feeling we deserve happiness- 

Not having the ability to forgive our feelings towards our past experiences or actions is a major cause for depression. People may have had an idea of grandeur and that need to be and have more towards ourselves and if we do not reach that point of success, enlightenment, love etc… we start to feel like life has no meaning and we do not deserve the peace and happiness… instead forgive yourself and enjoy what you do have… did you know the most successful people fail many times but, they only need to succeed one time 🙂

6 thoughts on “Why are People depressed?

    • People just do not have belief in themselves or anything else any more. Many do not have goals or dreams at all… In fact I was speaking to one of my uncles the other day he is 60 and extremely unhappy. I asked him how come he never reached any of his goals in life. He told me He never had any goals. I found that sad. He believed in life he was suppose to be some drone and could never get anything he wanted.

      • Yes, agreed. Out belief system defines our reality, and if we believe that we live, die and have to work hard without goals, that’s exactly what we will experience.

  1. “According to Web M.D. online 9 percent of Americans are Clinically depressed. That means if you stand in a crowd of 100 people 90 of them are under such distress in their life that they can not find any happiness.”

    – forgive me if I am wrong but 90 of a crowd of 100 people is not 9%, it’s 90%. What you mean to say is that 9 of 100 people in a crowd suffer from depression?

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