Pursuit Of Happiness



Thomas Jefferson said that all Americans have the right to the pursuit of happiness? Many people I speak to will explain to me that this is a great sign that happiness is false and happiness is an endless quest that no one ever finds. I am here to tell you that these people are false in some ways. I will agree that most people who seek happiness in life never find it and there are simple reasons for never reaching the level of peace all humans are meant to feel in their soul.

First of all, Most of us are conditioned as children to tow the line and through the media, others opinions, the people closest to us like our parents and teachers that happiness comes from money and money is hard to attain. I am here to tell people that money is infinite and easy to attain if you have the courage to go after it. None of us were meant to live a life of wanting and longing for the things we desire. Instead we are meant to create new things, ideas and circumstances that will allow us to express ourselves and money should be the afterthought. although, most of us are taught to be realistic, work hard, and put our own desires aside. I know every day i am typically even now told to grow up by the people who supposedly care the most. I am here telling you not to grow up instead grow wiser and create more.


Next, happiness comes from within us and no one will find it from any object or person. So many people are taught that stability with a job, a husband or wife, a big house or car will be what makes them happy. often this is never enough to truly fulfill a person. yet, getting to know yourself and loving who you are greatly will allow you to become a person who has love to give and can be what we often here as a whole person. 


Lastly, happiness is true freedom and anyway your soul can achieve that it will strive for. Nobody can be happy without a sense of freedom in what they do and what they want to do. No one wants or likes to be told what to do and in time we all rebel from those who try to control us. This could be your boss, your parents, your partner, etc…

To conclude what the pursuit of happiness should be for everyone is the ability to create and have money to do what you wish with it, to be secure with who you are accepting and love yourself no matter what, and finally having freedom to so what you want at all times and be in control of your own world. Getting these three things is true happiness and each person needs to start recreating their world to gain each one of these three pursuits. That will make you happy.


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