What is Self Esteem and How can We begin to improve it !


Self esteem is one of the biggest influences on our beliefs and ability to be happy. Self esteem is the thought we have about ourselves that has been programed in to our subconscious mind. Our self esteem makes up our ability to accept ourselves. Today many of us are programmed to criticize others and ourselves constantly and this makes us slowly stop feeling like we have the ability to accomplish our goals and dreams in life. In fact you can test someones self esteem easily by asking them what they want in life and what their goals are. Do they believe they can accomplish the goal. If not we have to ask why? 

As a culture we are constantly being told life is difficult and put in to a small box of what we should do. These are other peoples thoughts that will only repress you. As a child my family would tell me that money is hard and difficult to get. This is completely untrue but it has been engrained in so many peoples minds today. That they are beneath the elite and should fall in to line. I encourage people to stop listening to others views on life and your abilities. For example, I am a great singer and yet, my entire life people told me you have to know someone to be famous. I could have been a singer if i believed in myself rather than what they told me. There is a reason why the rich and elite are elite and its not because they are blessed, more educated, or have skills we do not possess. The only thing the rich, famous, or successful do differently is they believe in their own abilities. 

Now, How can you figure out what your self esteem is like? Maybe it is great already, but the way I like to gauge someones thoughts about themselves is by asking how easily do you reach your goals. Does it seem to just happen or do you struggle and often give up. This is a simple question to ask yourself and if you answered things are a struggle then it may be time to begin to reprogram your thinking like you would a computer if you had a virus. 

In order to reprogram your brain you first need to stop listening to others who do not believe in what you are working towards. These people know nothing and unless you want to live their life and be them it is not valuable to listen to their opinions. Next, begin to  use self talk as often as possible to encourage and empower yourself. your reality is what you believe it to be. I use self talk to change my views on others, myself, and any situation you want to change. It works every time and all you need to do is start telling yourself what you are going to do instead of what you cant!!!




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