Inspiration can often be difficult for people to find especially when first beginning a new project. I know this personally sometimes when I write or need to find a way to help someone around me. I was asked by a good friend of mine Julie how she finds the ideas she needs. I have always been a good listener and have created many different things in my life. I just move from project to project easily and successfully. I realized that many people who are trying to create something new may have the same problem My amazing friend Julie does and simply cant find their inspiration. This is why I wanted to share my favorite techniques that I do regularly to create my ideas and my life around me. 

1. Get out in nature– many successful people spend a good amount of time outside and are active. This is no coincidence it has to do with the vibrational energy and how cleansing nature is. the energy and vibration around you when you are in nature is always positive and cleansing. so when you need a boost go outside and do something. I personally like surfing, and golfing, and at times I will even just walk around somewhere.  after these activities I almost always know what action to take or I may come up with one of my brilliant ideas during an activity like this. 

2. Notice the talents of others around you– the people around you are the people you attracted to you at this moment and many of the times these people will have some strength i need to learn or they help me get something valuable towards creating. I would suggest you look at the views, strengths, and hobbies of all of these people you like to be with most so you can realize what to create and what you want. 

3. meditate- Meditation in my opinion is the most valuable thing you can train your body to do. Quiet your mind and see what you come across. Most of the best ideas in the world happen through meditation. Chances are your subconscious knows the answer but you worry or stress to much to hear it so learn to control thought and emotion through the practice of meditation and you will create like Divinci


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