Law of Abundance 2 Ways to Honestly cash In




The law of abundance states simply that there is more than enough to go around for everyone. Many of us believe that there is a limited supply of everything in the world that we may want. For example we think are needs are like an endangered animal and whatever we want we better get now because it may become extinct. yet, the truth of the matter is we are always multiplying as people and creating more and more of everything this equates to abundance not lack! Now, there are more people to help, more people who buy, more people to love, more opportunities and more people to enjoy experiences with.


In fact did you know abundance was described as a great and plentiful amount and it is one of the irrefutable laws of the universe same as gravity. I doubt anyone in the world would argue with the law of gravity it exists and it works.  Yet, cashing in can be difficult and here are some ways you may be able to start using this law to make your life better each day… Here are the two things you need to change to change the way abundance treats you…


1. Stop wanting- Feel as if you know it is there and this is easier than you think. Instead of Begging and pleading for what you desperately need to make you happy act-as if until you get it and use letting go activities. I even recommend studying the Buddhist views of letting go until you finally feel free. When you first remember gaining something you thought was impossible i bet it was as soon as you were “over it” or didn’t feel like you wanted it anymore. The reason is longing brings about the feeling of not having something and that will keep your need or happiness just beyond reach.


2. enjoy what you have- being grateful is a rare trait amongst everyone. to honestly appreciate everything abundance has already brought you in life will bring you more and more. The universe brings us the same situations, people, and things over and over. The reason is so we can achieve more and create a better life. if you learn what has been attracted to yo u and how it is beneficial you will learn and have more abundance.

written by Nichole Grimshaw


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