Are you thickheaded like me ?



Yesterday, I came back from church with my father who constantly is complaining about his life and tends to hold grudges against people of the past who have hurt him. We got in to a conversation about my mother who had cheated on him, and left him  over 20 years ago. He still harbors hurtful Ill feelings towards the situation. Of course given who I am and stand for I told him I think it is important he lets go of the situations of his past. I told him I have no problem simply moving forward after a short period of time of mourning and I simply have no feelings towards that person. Recently I have become friends with an ex boyfriend who hurt me greatly but I see nothing wrong with it. I let that go a long time ago. During our talk my father called me thick headed which means stupid, and dim witted. I found this relatively truthful. I believe that there is no value in trying to understand why someone hurts us or holding on to any pain we feel. Maybe that makes me thick headed or maybe I am just Smart enough to realize that a grudge is only going to bring in negative feelings. Holding on to anything will make our lives worse. My advice is,  if you are holding ill feelings towards people. Forgiveness of them is the easiest way to feel better and move forward. we wont always get an apology but honestly you really do not need one!


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