How to be Solution Oriented



Most of us focus on the problem rather than the switching our focus to become solution oriented and focusing on the positive outcome of what we want. Life becomes awfully simple when you believe in what will happen rather than the problem itself. Sometimes this shift in focus can be extremely difficult if the problem itself is something we really want to change in life. We simply need to have faith and not resist what the answer is that the universe brought. There have been times in my life where I could never imagine how things could work out the way I wanted and even after resisting Magic came upon letting go and I always received, and attracted more than I had previously.when being solution oriented we have to follow the answer our heart is giving us to the prayers we have asked. This is a trust that the best is yet to come and that we do have the solution. often people will say they knew what must happen the entire time and yet they did not take the first step out of fear even though it was the solution they needed all along. In order to be solution oriented we need these 3 steps 

1. ability to focus on the solution and ask for what we want

2. trust- do not be fearful even if the answer seems counter intuitive

3. take the first step in blind faith and focus on only the outcome


written by – Nichole Grimshaw

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