Books all Successful People Should READ!!!!!




I am constantly stating how important Positive thinking is in order to have the belief in yourself and your plan you have in life for yourself because most people will be happy to live a mediocre life and never really become fulfilled. If success is what you need in your life to be Happy currently and you are here on my site or blog wanting more information on how to begin this change then, I would be doing you a disservice if I did not share with you the few books that I own both on audio book and hard copy. These are books I refer to all the time and Help me to understand the changes in behavior. 

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People- This is the most valuable book if you are going to lead others !

2. 4  hour work week- Tim Ferris- AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!  If free time is important this is your book

3. Think and Grow Rich- change your thought process and question beliefs

4. 11 universal laws- they are laws and always working learn and live them

4. i am Buddha i am Christ- find yourself during the process and learn to love compassionately



written by NIchole Grimshaw

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