Bravery or Optimistic Denial



Fear comes in a lot of different forms and according to Tim Ferris most people look at this as optimistic denial. Think to yourself do you really think your situation can improve or are you simply in optimistic denial. Optimistic denial is one step below fear. People who continually pretend things will get better but are never brave enough to try are actually more fearful than the people who can go out of their way to actually picture failure. Now, what you really need is to take the step from Fear up to simply just moving towards what you want without any fear. That is true bravery and making a jump towards actions will only bring greater joy.


Now, Figure out which stage you are in and if you are ready to jump towards your goals great! yet, most people are fearful and need to recognize what they fear and just do it because that fear is typically the thing we actually need to do the most! Go face your fear and each and every day continue to fear and move in the right direction. Lastly if you are not even ready to recognize what you are scared of its time to write down those worries and fear. Write down why you are scared make this your worst case scenario. Then, put yourself in those shoes. Get yourself in to the fear stage so you can begin to face them and ready yourself for the jump towards the goal!



written by NIchole Grimshaw

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