Gregg Braden – The Divine Matrix

The entire world is created by what we believe to be true. This is something we either control or let go control of. This is true of every person on earth. Yet, so many of us let others and there story dictate what we believe about ourselves and others. Imagine a world were nothing bad ever happens again because our belief about who we are is so strong that we realize anything happening will bring us greater good. Miracles of belief happen every day and yet as humans we neglect to create our own miracles. For example, cancer becomes healed simply by a touch of another human being with a strong belief. Looking back at my entire world I can see how i created the situations I am currently going through based on my beliefs. Now, if i want a change I am capable of changing things once again. I will change my world drastically and prove the power of belief and love are all we need in life.

written by NIchole Grimshaw

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