Why Study Empathy?



Fewer and Fewer people today are capable of understanding and feeling others emotions. This creates a serious lack of compassion for the people and world around us. Compassion is the key to everything we search for in life. Compassion is love for everyone, compassion is spirituality and enlightenment for our soul. Compassion leads us to help others, compassion leads to selflessness and Christ consciousness in which we all need to find happiness in our life. The blessed people who naturally feel what others feel and think but the people who ignore it become far more logical, sensible, and act selfishly with their ego and forget about the needs of others. they begin to do things based on their own wants and needs. Learning to empathize with others heals and humbles us as people. This is a great first and yet sometimes painful step in true spirituality in our world.

How to introduce Empathy back in to your life can be difficult when we are constantly bombarded with hurtful and painful situations in the world today. The first step is truly developing the heart and practice putting yourself in others shoes. Instead of acting on what is best for yourself see yourself as the other person and realize we are all one in the same. try to share their pain only for a moment and think to yourself what would I want if this pain was completely mine. 


written by NIchole Grimshaw

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3 thoughts on “Why Study Empathy?

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