Random Scribbbles about what I really want


My entire life I was told everyone has a purpose and a reason for being here on earth. That there is a reason for everything however, I have a gut instinct that i need to do more and It has to be grand and big. I want to help the masses. Speak and give knowledge and purpose to so many. I have decided that everything I create, write, and do from here on out half of the profits will go towards helping others… I will donate half to someone in need or an organization. I want all people to be, Think and love more. I want people to see others and start to help other people like they help themselves and The best way I can think of is to continue to speak up against others who feel it does not matter and to help others to make there dreams come true and start to speak up as well. There is nothing we are not capable of and I want everyone to find true creative potential and experience everything they want in life. I want all people to find compassion, loyalty and trust in others. This means we need to start to think and act differently against what we are taught as children in school. I want to start to encourage peoples passions rather than teaching all children to memorize useless facts. I want to take an approach to education where students learn to write and communicate through their passions and we begin to look within ourselves for our worth rather than how we compare to everyone around us. I never want anyone to compare there strengths to others rather than help others and start to work together to make things more beautiful and more creative. I want to solve problems together through feelings rather than logical thought. I want people to believe again. I don’t care what they believe as long as we believe something. Today we are moving closer and closer to believing nothing. This is a sad boring and controlled world. I want choice, passion, and love!



written by NIchole Grimshaw

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