Dont Be a Hater !

ImageI want to tell a story about my night last night and how the events are affect me. Often we do not realize the impact of negative talk around us. We even may be the cause of defeat in peoples creative lives because of our negativity. When people do this to each other they are haters. People who simply want to affect others because they are not brave enough to truly stand up and show others who they are. Last night I had an experience with someone just like this.


Yesterday, I decided to go and hang out with a couple of my friends and this man who I do not remember his name; however, decided to tell me that I should not sing because I am bad at it. I have always loved to sing and although I am not going to be the next American Idol winner it does make me happy. I woke up this morning still thinking about this haters mean comment. Just one comment from another person and I have doubts about doing something that makes me happy and smile. This proves just how powerful the words of those around us can be.


Personally, this proved to me just how important it is to tell people how wonderful they are at the things they love and encourage rather than hate and put people down. These negative actions are a leading cause in why people are unhappy today. There efficacy is low regarding things they want to do. Therefore, we never do what we want because others think were terrible at it.

written by Nichole Grimshaw

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