What is Success


I am constantly studying other peoples methods and theories of how people define and view success. There are some that will tell you loving what you do is success, and others who will tell you that helping someone is success to them, and there are always those who view having lots of material possessions and money brings them success. This topic has been a debate among many since the dawn of time and most people will accept the view that it can be different to all people; however, I refuse to accept this. I believe true success comes when you have these three working in synchronicity in your life. when we combine money, happiness, and compassion for others this brings us true joy in what we do. The hard part for most is taking the step to achieving your goal or dream. Most people will shut themselves down and never take the first step. I recently was reading about success and the mind set others adopted in their early stages to push them along and I wanted to share a couple with you.


1. Blind faith– All successful people took the first step blindly, not knowing how they would get there but simply making small actions towards the goal each and every day. This is something I do and everyone who is working to achieve a lofty feat will explain. I go by the “rule of 5”- each day I do 5 things to achieve my goal and simply do this each and every day. Living in the moment rather than focusing on the past or the future. ACT instead of think because our thoughts typically get in the way!


2. Don’t believe in failureLet go of our Perceived Risk– This is something I am going to coin myself. Many experts tell you not to fear failure (which the majority of us are afraid of) They say failure makes you stronger and better. I do not think there is a such thing. Every time we create something it is an amazing experience and continuing to move towards our goals may require many different shifts and changes. These shifts and changes are what brings in the people we need, the experiences we need, and is what makes life interesting and amazing. This is the flow of life. giving up on our idea of failure and perceived risk will make action more fun and easier.



written by Nichole Grimshaw

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