Power of Prayer, Trusting and Letting Go



I recently had a conversation with a dear friend of mine about what direction he is going in life. He seemed a bit lost at the time and I found myself feeling very concerned and confused for him. I knew that trusting in god and the direction is the way to go so I prayed for things to be resolved so he would be the amazing happy person I love so much again. Well, During This first conversation he was finding himself in the middle of other peoples controlling and egotistical problems which, in the case of all of our loved ones is not always something we can help. I knew he felt torn up and in the middle of it all. I could hear the frustration and anxiety in his voice at the time. He was also working hard, laboring hours with little reward or enjoyment at the time. I have always been deeply concerned for my friend and found his distress unnerving. I prayed for him to be the happiest he could be.


Then, Yesterday i received the best news I could. My friend called me and told me that he had stood up and quit working for the family that was dividing him and found a job leading worship and singing. He had even received a few gigs already. I could heard the joy in his voice and even as I write this I am almost in tears for how happy I am for him. Since the first moment I met my friend Brian I knew music was his passion and following it would bring him true joy. God answered his prayer and I am proud that he is brave enough and trusting enough to take the step blindly and follow the river before him down stream.


Please check out  http://www.briansmithmusic.com/ and share with anyone you can. This amazing person deserves all the support in the world…







written by Nichole Grimshaw

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