Indespensable Leadership Qualities

ImageWhen looking at great leaders and People who are able to guide others in a positive and fulfilling direction there are a few crucial qualities someone must develop with in themselves. These qualities are some of the qualities that people find motivating in a leader and will help you gain respect and love from your team!


1. Integrity and Honesty– I place this quality first on the list because a person without integrity will always have there decisions questioned by the people who value honesty and integrity in their own lives. If you are doing things that hurt others or make the world around people a worse place for your own gain then you can never be a true leader. For example, a drug dealer who commands respect through power, and control never leads. Have you ever wondered why violence runs so deep within these people. It is because they can not gain respect from the people around them without forcing it on them!


2. Commitment to your cause– No one who is successful at building a team of people or gaining the respect of their peers has ever quit on their cause or purpose. They are so deeply involved that when something does not work the way they wanted they simply adjust the course of their sale and keep sailing towards their goal. This commitment in itself is assuring to those who are following you and shows strength in your belief in yourself and ability to accomplish what is needed.


3. Openness- The quality of openness is understood as a personality trait we express. I recently watched on the Dr. Phil show a way to test just how open you are to new ideas and how accepting you are of others and what they think. Its really simple, How do you feel about PDA! As ridiculous as it seems open people are usually accepting of PDA and even seem to find it nice. This is because they do not feel like they need to control the actions of others. Good leaders are open people who will accept criticism and look in to the ideas of the people they lead. They collaborate more and control less!


4. Consistency- Good leaders realize that small actions add up to big things! They consistently act each day to hit the goals. This can be as simple as making a couple phone calls but they realize every action matters no matter how small! Also, they are consistent with the decisions they make and how they handle the people around them. It is much better to have a systematic approach!


5. They think Big and Go the Extra Mile–  Good leaders can see the whole picture and only focus on the end result. This motivates true leaders to go the extra mile and understand that no matter what happens they will get what needs to be done done. One of my favorite quotes is actually something Yoda says to Luke in Star Wars He says NO TRY NOT, DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY! This is how a leader acts towards there goal because no matter what obstacle is set in front of their goal the goal itself is so big that they can always see it and keep moving towards it!


6. They Know the people they lead Personally and Professionally– They care about the people who are around them and although having a professional relationship is important they genuinely care about the well being of the people who they lead more than the job that needs to be done. This is why true leaders develop a personal relationship with the people they lead!




written by Nichole Grimshaw

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