How do you find your Peace


You can find NO peace unless you find it from within! I heard this statement today and wanted to expand on this idea. So many people look for happiness and peace from others around us or from material possessions. The true way to find peace is to begin to look at how we view our lives in our current state rather than always grabbing for more from people and things. If we are always chasing what might come next when will we find happiness. Ask yourself if you are always thinking ill be happy when________ happens. Or ask yourself how often you stop and Appreciate people, give back, and show gratitude for what you do have. This is an important step in finding peace from with in. The next important step in finding peace from with in is to start changing your belief in yourself. Start thinking about how you talk to yourself during the day. Do you use the word cant often? I encourage all people to start telling themselves how wonderful they are and encourage the things you believe you are great at! These two steps are an easy way to change your life now and become happier each and every day!


written by Nichole Grimshaw

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