Expecting Miracles


Each and every day in order to create what we want in our life we need to learn to expect miracles to happen each and every day. We are very clearly all energy and that energy brings us what we want. This is why when you see someone smiling you are drawn to them or the happiest people in your life seem to just gain everything  that they need with no effort whatsoever. It is because these people literally expect miracles to happen.


“Everything we are is a collection of what we have thought!”


For example, I was sitting in my car about 2 months ago  speaking with one of my best friends Julie; She was asking me about what my perfect man would be like and although; I had never thought about this before because I have simply just focused on being happy and accepted the people in my life. I began explaining the person I would want if I were to marry someone. I want someone compassionate, and loving, who will protect me and is strong. I explained I care for a fair complexion, He had to be a great Kisser,( and of course a few other specs… if you catch my drift lol) . I literally told her If god brought me this person I would then settle down but, I was not sure that I was suppose to be with anyone. I continued and explained how I wanted someone who supported my beliefs and helped me with my goals and liked how I think big and need to create constantly. Then Lastly, I said I really want someone who will sing with me.  In other words I was awfully particular….


Well, That night I gave someone my number. Now, at the time I knew nothing about him and I was just like ok cool well Ill go to the party next weekend. Cant Hurt ! That week we texted a few times and this boy told me how compassion and helping others is important to him. He told me a lot about himself and over the cost of the week I was far more interested. So Julie, and I went down to the party and I got a chance to spend some time with Ryan, the boy I had given my number to. Well, so far I knew we had the same principals and Beliefs, he was fair which I have always liked blonds but in my head we seemed to different for him to have a lot of my other qualities I found important. Well, guess what I got a chance to kiss him that night and In my life I never want to kiss anyone again. It is amazing, Loving and caring yet he is strong and takes control. Well, at this point I was surprised with this quiet boy and asked him if he likes to sing. He said only in my car to myself. SO I was like damn it he cant sing! Almost perfect right. Well last night, I was singing and he put me on his lap and sang with me. Guess what his voice is beautiful. Turns out my quiet boy just never sang loud enough for anyone to hear him.


I just assumed that person would come and knew even if he didn’t it would not matter because I was so happy already with all I had been given. I stated what I wanted and completely let go of any need for it. That same day I ran in to that exact person. Did god already plan us meeting or was it me that attracted him in my life. I do not care I love him so very much and have never been so In love and sure about anything in my life. I love you RYAN!


written by Nichole Grimshaw

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