Letting go of Judgement

Judgement is something as people we can not seem to escape as people. All of our lives we have been taught to judge everyone and everything around us. Society has a guideline of beliefs we accept and hold each other accountable for. Then, we judge ourselves and others when they do not hold true to these guidelines. I personally know this struggle very well. It is my wish that I can completely let go of Judgement and yet, each and every day I fall back in to the belief system that was placed in front of me at birth and constantly programmed in to my mind by the community around me. So how do we begin to let go of judgement of ourselves and others? The only way is to reprogram our beliefs and become open to the oneness of god and study that Christ Consciousness’ principal.

First, The reason we are constantly accepting the judgements placed around us by society is because of the constant need for attention. For example, when we are children our parents begin early training us to believe we need to act and feel certain things. If we live the way they tell us and accept the social norms we are rewarded with attention and if we are not we are punished and rejected. We have this constant reward and punishment going on at all times. We even punish ourselves constantly by remembering the mistakes in life we make. Instead we need to decide to let go and forgive ourselves.

Next, The understanding that god is everything and everyone. We are one with everyone and everything around us. The understanding of this leads to the letting go of judgement and the compassion, understanding and openness to all ideas leads from this one concept. We are all just simply meant to give readily the love and energy we have instead of having false beliefs. Instead believe everything because all beliefs are true to that person.

Also, each and every day be I am and what we truly are. We need to take the risk and be who you are instead of what others expect of you. some of societies judgements you will want and love because they will make you happy and benefit who you will become in life. However; there will be others that will not and these are things you need to just let go and accept that some members of society will attempt to punish you by rejecting you for it. Accept this notion and let go of it. For example, I love the idea of marriage in life but I can not accept being told what to learn or do in school. I feel the need to rebel because I feel like I want to learn what I want. This is a struggle we all feel in live every day and we need to accept rejection and let go so we can be our belief.

Lastly and most important, Learn to accept others completely for who they are and what they want. we are all an expression of energy we will all want different things and have judgements placed on us based on how we grew up and were raised. It will be ok for one to do something and another may feel it is wrong. I say just accept all things of others and find the people who accept the beliefs you have and let others be who they want.

written by Nichole Grimshaw

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