Soul Mates and How to Recognize Yours

When we think of the concept of a soul mate it is mostly black or white to people. we all stand on one side or the other. I wish I could offer some most conclusive answers for everyone. I have had many people in my life that seemed as if they could have been my soul mate. I was attracted to them immediately, Love at first sight, almost as if I have known them my entire life and I have loved with all my heart and no conditions. Still nothing has lasted and I was always drawn to move on. This may seem like a negative and sad story but; Lately things have turned around so much in the love field for me and I completely understand why I went through all of the relationships up until now. I believe before we meet the right person our soul mates if we are not ready, have not gained the knowledge, compassion, and empathy we need to be whole with in ourselves we will never be able to have a fulfilling relationship with our soul mates and we lose them or hurt them.

The next question regarding Soul mates is how do you recognize your soul mate and this is difficult because we often feel something with people immediately like a pull and assume we are meant to be with that person. This is not always the case. In many cases this is just a sexual attraction we feel as a “kidney Pull” the area in the body where the sexual energy is often released. Then, our natural empathic abilities will feel another attraction and mistake this for recognition. Sexual energy is one of the strongest energies we can transmit and even people who have a low empathetic range can pick up on this receiving of energy. Sexual energy that is passed this way can be manipulative and controlling even if we are not aware that we are doing it. This is because we can often convince someone that they are right for us through this amazing rush of giving sexual energy. The way we do this is by consistently thinking of a person in a sexual way. This is a great sharing of energy if you already feel compassion and love but if not its simply unfair. As an empath I am aware of this feeling of a” kidney pull”and the difference between past life recognition with someone. I understand now that it is not the feeling that you need to recognize your soul mate but the recognition of values with in someone. If you do not share the same values and principals this person and yourself with have many troubles ahead. A soul mate will resonate on the same energy and want the same core things. Like my need for compassion, affection, and loyalty that I gain with Ryan. However these core needs will be different for all people its about finding the person who wants and gives you exactly what you need to be true to yourself and happy. Next, God will often drop you a hint if you pay attention to the energy around you.For example, love has always been extremely important to me. I love easily and frequently and i can remember dreaming of Ryan before he came in to my life.

Yet, i had never met him so I dismissed these few dreams each time until I finally had the moment where I realized I was living the dream. If you pay attention to the signs you will be driven in the direction of your soul mate at the right time and away from those who are wrong for you. Finally, your soul mate will mirror your energy. Now if you were born like me and you can see it then its a bit easier but for others it can be difficult. The soul mate will run on the same frequency as you and will have the same energy about them. please do not mistake this for being really similar. You can actually be opposite with all your likes and dislikes but not your overall personality. For example, Ryan is completely a mans man he likes to hunt, fish, and is always in his own head and I am relaxed easy going, trusting, and I love pink and singing, dancing and am artistic. We like different things but we are very similar in how we handle each other, the people around us and the way we love. I trust him because he is like me in many ways that just can not be seen.


written by Nichole Grimshaw

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