Dreams what do they really tell us?


Some people will argue that dream time is  the most valuable time of our night. It allows us to go to a different place, confront the things that bother us most, give us a look in to our fears and our heart. It is even stated that we may see future events in our sleep. Although there are many different ideas floating around about why we dream and what insight it provides us one thing is clear and that is we all have an individual purpose or outcome to achieve each night.


When trying to study these dreams each night first we must be willing to look in to ourselves. Our souls are here in to achieve a love and compassion that is selfless helping us to achieve Christ consciousness. Each night our soul goes through the same situations we may be faced with in our conscious mind and helping us with so many situations. In our dreams we can learn to empathize through others eyes, learn what it is like to be a victim, forgive, forget and love people who we never thought we could love. Empathy is the key to our understanding which unlocks our ability to love all people. The old saying Put your self in someone else shoes may be overused but it is still one of my favorites simply because it allows us to love one another more fully. 


Therefore, the many people who utilize dream meaning books each day to try and get some unforeseen prophecy or get a deeper look in to their own mind I offer the thought that perhaps the answers can only come from with in you. They are your dreams and your life struggles not an author in a book.

Written by Nichole Grimshaw

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One thought on “Dreams what do they really tell us?

  1. I very much recommend keeping a dream journal. Some mornings I don’t remember much and simply write what I do recall and how I feel when I wake up. When I look back at things a few weeks or months later I’m amazed at how relevant some things become. It’s a great way to learn more about the unconscious mind and our intuitive nature. Thank you for this post! ❤

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