New Project… Book The Persuit of Christ Consciousness

I wanted to inform everyone of some of my new projects I currently have going on…


About 3 months ago I started writing about Christ Consciousness and how this is the true way to gain happiness in your life. I have finished the book itself and am editing it currently. I have decided that half of all the proceeds will be donated and the book will be at an affordable price. This is also why i will only be publishing as an e book. It is about helping others and sharing beliefs. I wanted to keep everyone updated. It will go on sale in august and will cover everything you spiritually need to attract what you want in life. If you have been studying the law of attraction and are not getting anywhere this is for you because it goes in detail simple steps you need to start to truly build your life. I will be including a copy of all blogs with the short e book and am extremely thrilled with the rough result so far. This is also why I will be taking a break from blogging so I can finish The e book up in the next couple of weeks. If you have been following me and would like a copy i will send the link out before it is finished where you can buy it  and I will let you know where the donations are going to… Please share my update… Love you all 



written by Nichole Grimshaw

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