My Great Wish


The question is posed to me all the time about why some people are not normal and capable of simply not caring wondering or wanting more knowledge in their life. From what I am aware of some people choose to love rather than think and be logical. they are led by their heart and spirit. Most people today are led by their heads. In my opinion being led by the head is a negative aspect. It leads to selfishness, worldliness, ego, and violence. This is the pain I feel all the time. Although, I realize I am different, Like most others I am often affected negatively from it and I make the wish often that I was normal and had that male dominant brain. I pose the question to people is it better to be powerful and self satisfying than compassionate and selfless. I have made the promise to never take anything the world gives me without giving back to someone who needs it. I have decided that half of anything I make will go to charity and bettering the world. This includes half of the book I am writing. So many people need more and are never helped. I can not look the other way anymore. I challenge others to begin to help as well. Create a movement of compassion and start to teach others and help others!






written by NIchole Grimshaw

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