Things You can Learn about Buisness or your Career from a 4 year old


Just the other night I was babysitting my little niece. Over the course of the evening she was talking about all of the things she wanted to do. She would tell me how she is going to be a princess and her and her “horse are going to live in a big castle. Now obviously most of us do not grow up to become royalty (unless were Kate Middleton) but over our childhoods we learn skills and are told each and every day to be realistic. Children Like my niece are fearless and free to dream at the age of 4. If we were encouraged to dream our entire lives imagine who we would become. I myself would not have gotten a practical degree in which i did not really want and waste many years of my life sitting behind a desk not enjoying one bit of my life.


First of all Begin to dream again each and every day. visualize and write down what your life would be like in your ideal world. Remember back when you were a kid and why if you were like me you wanted to be a Pirate or a Firefighter. Begin to dream of a whole new wold even if it is something that reality could never sustain. This will help to increase your capacity for thinking outside the box and give you that same enjoyment a child would have when they are playing make believe.


Next, start to compile a list of things you really like to do and do them more often. Life is about having fun and enjoying the people and culture we have all around us.  There is an old saying that if you love what you do for work then you never worked a day in your life. This is very true because you would have choose to do these things anyway. for example,the love of my life loves to hunt and fish ( what men don’t!) He is going to be using this love to create his own business so he can spend every day doing just that. Or how about my friend Christina who loves children she decided to become a social worker and create a place that’s helps children in need gain better resources. There are many ways we can be happier with what we do ; but, we need to know what we love first.


Last, I challenge all people to go out and learn what it means to be truly fearless and brave. worrying about what might happen leads us to that exact sequence of events and yet if we simply go for it we almost always arrive at our destination safely. If a better life is what you seek be like my niece was with her first horse back riding lesson. If a 4 year old girl can walk right up to an animal 20 times her size pet him and without even a flinch jump on his back because she wants to be a princess with a  horse I am sure you can start enjoying your life and taking the steps to making your self happy!

written by Nichole Grimshaw

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