Create a Habit of Personal Development



When it comes to success we need to consistently participate in self development that will aid us in reaching our goals . Creating positive habits of successful people can be one of the more difficult but more beneficial changes a person can make early on with the goal setting and Leadership process. For anyone who wants to find success whether it be running your own business, going back to school to better yourself, or taking on a trade or art the best first step to take is to change ingrained negative habits in to positive ones. Below you will find 4 ways to start to change your Habits and begin to to work towards your goals.


1. Positive Thought– Change the way you talk to yourself and about yourself. Nothing is stronger than the power of belief. The more you say you can do something or are doing something the more motivated you will become. The same is true if you feel like a task is difficult or cant be done; Either way you are RIGHT!


2. Make the most of your time– Ask yourself in each task Am I making the most of my time? the majority of people spend time online surfing the web, watching TV, shopping or doing other various meaningless tasks that do not help you reach your goals. Are you just doing meaningless tasks and what is most important. I recommend creating daily objectives to be hit that will help you make the small steps to getting the goals you set accomplished.


3. Don’t get frustrated if you do not see immediate results– many of us have been trained to want instant gratification and when we do not see reinforcement for each objective we tend have the need psychologically to please ourselves and this often leads to quitting right before things start to pay off! I recommend setting up a reward program for yourself to help motivate yourself to continue working hard through the small daily objectives you have set up.


4. self study- learn about yourself and what you believe. This will involve looking inwards and overhauling the psychological information ingrained in your subconscious mind. For example, how well do you believe you perform various tasks, is your self esteem high or low and once you see your strengths and weaknesses begin to reprogram your mind to focus on success and positive attributes. I highly recommend using subliminal messages and Positive self talk


written by Nichole Grimshaw

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