Dreams what do they really tell us?


Some people will argue that dream time is  the most valuable time of our night. It allows us to go to a different place, confront the things that bother us most, give us a look in to our fears and our heart. It is even stated that we may see future events in our sleep. Although there are many different ideas floating around about why we dream and what insight it provides us one thing is clear and that is we all have an individual purpose or outcome to achieve each night.


When trying to study these dreams each night first we must be willing to look in to ourselves. Our souls are here in to achieve a love and compassion that is selfless helping us to achieve Christ consciousness. Each night our soul goes through the same situations we may be faced with in our conscious mind and helping us with so many situations. In our dreams we can learn to empathize through others eyes, learn what it is like to be a victim, forgive, forget and love people who we never thought we could love. Empathy is the key to our understanding which unlocks our ability to love all people. The old saying Put your self in someone else shoes may be overused but it is still one of my favorites simply because it allows us to love one another more fully. 


Therefore, the many people who utilize dream meaning books each day to try and get some unforeseen prophecy or get a deeper look in to their own mind I offer the thought that perhaps the answers can only come from with in you. They are your dreams and your life struggles not an author in a book.

Written by Nichole Grimshaw

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Where are you getting your Energy from?




The concept of Control Dramas first appeared when we saw the popularity of the Celestine Prophecy. This Book written by James Redfield brings up the concept of energy sharing between individuals. Everything in the universe is made up of energy and we all have our own field of energy. This energy can be positive or negative, fun, loving, etc… These fields change based on our emotions and we can control the energy around us based on our thoughts. Yet, we all need a source of energy to replace the energy we lose. The most enlightened of people will gain the source of energy from within themselves and the universe; however, most of us are taught to gain it from others through Control Dramas. There are 4 control dramas and each of us tend to fit in to one category as a main way of gaining energy from others.


4 Types of Control Dramas- 


1. Intimidator– This is the aggressive personality. the person who demands attention, respect, and authority. These people tend to gain energy from others through physical gestures, glares, yelling, etc…


2. Poor Me– This is the counterpart of the Intimidator and these people tend to be a by- product of having an intimidator in their life. These are the people who gain energy and attention through pity of others. They want people to constantly empathize with them. 


3. Interrogator– The interrogator is the person who tries to retrieve personal information by constant questioning. These people tend to need to know things like where someone is all the time, where people are going, saying, doing, and are constantly asking questions assuming that something is going on?


4. Aloof– The Aloof personality is in turn the counterpart of the interrogator. This control drama is the person who seems to take a back seat, never caring and is always indifferent to everything. This person makes people interrogate because of true lack of caring. Although, not controlling is important being aloof is more similar to neglect.


Our entire lives we have a constant depletion of energy from control dramas. These are small or large, in fact it seems almost impossible not to manipulate or control in some way using control dramas. For example, a teenager needs to drive a friend to the airport. This person says I will bring you if you pay for gas. This is an intimidator. Demanding of something for something else, and then the friend might say oh but I have no money for gas and then they become the Poor me. This is a very small example but they happen on various scales each day. So how can we Break these control dramas?


1. let go of Competition– Instead of competing with others cooperate. This may mean doing things without need for anything in order to readily give. Instead do not expect anything from anyone just give readily.

2. Fear– Let go of fear and imposing it on other people. Fear is a useless emotion which has no positive outcome. being fearful of a negative outcome in your life will only result in exactly what you think. If you find yourself in a control drama with another then let go, walk away and find someone who will help you and wants to cooperate.Release all fear!

3. Action vs. Reaction– Do not react to people and what they say. This is the hardest of all in my opinion because we all have the need to defend ourselves is someone is taking our energy. Instead just know yourself and who you are. no one should and can affect who you are as a person and your belief is yourself.  Action on the other hand is moving towards what you are drawn to do and will help you and others around you without depleting energy. It will be easy and feel good. The best example of this is when Jesus said Turn the other cheek!

Therefore, In order to manage control dramas all you need to do is begin to manage your own energy. These things can be done by finding peace with in yourself. This is through letting go and centering yourself. There are many ways to do this different breathing techniques, having high self worth, meditation, etc…. It is really your journey and your choice.


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written by Nichole Grimshaw

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My Great Wish


The question is posed to me all the time about why some people are not normal and capable of simply not caring wondering or wanting more knowledge in their life. From what I am aware of some people choose to love rather than think and be logical. they are led by their heart and spirit. Most people today are led by their heads. In my opinion being led by the head is a negative aspect. It leads to selfishness, worldliness, ego, and violence. This is the pain I feel all the time. Although, I realize I am different, Like most others I am often affected negatively from it and I make the wish often that I was normal and had that male dominant brain. I pose the question to people is it better to be powerful and self satisfying than compassionate and selfless. I have made the promise to never take anything the world gives me without giving back to someone who needs it. I have decided that half of anything I make will go to charity and bettering the world. This includes half of the book I am writing. So many people need more and are never helped. I can not look the other way anymore. I challenge others to begin to help as well. Create a movement of compassion and start to teach others and help others!






written by NIchole Grimshaw

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