What is Mindfulness ?




Mindfulness is a principal stemming out of Buddhist practices that help the mind relax and reflect which helps an individual gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves and the world. Mindfulness helps an individual see the true understanding of a situation, problem, or event by changing the perspective an individual views it from. Many people find they gain empathy and compassion for others around them through the regular practice of mindfulness as well as many other physical benefits.

some of the physical benefits of mindfulness are 

1. stress management- people who practice mindfulness tend to have a higher threshold for stress and stressful situations. people who gain ability to stop negative thoughts through mindfulness help individuals to reduce the feeling of stress in their body 

2. higher self esteem- people who practice mindfulness tend to have a feeling of higher greatness and a full belief that they can accomplish anything they want on their own and see solutions rather than problems in their life. 

3. greater energy and enthusiasm- people who have a practice of relaxation and quieting the mind tend to find themselves more energetic throughout the day and a love for learning and new activities. This has been linked to the ability to find peace in any situation as well as the belief in their own abilities.

4. improved sleep and health- one of the main causes for lack of sleep is restlessness, which is the opposite of mindfulness. the inability to stop thinking can cause people to have trouble sleeping and staying asleep throughout the night. The practice of controlling your thoughts and feelings will allow for a more controlled dreaming pattern and allow a person to fall asleep more easily. 

Now, you may be asking how you can practice mindfulness. Well the first step is learning to control thoughts. Many find meditation as a great way to find control of there thoughts. yet, so many of us need ways to control thoughts during daily activities as well. I find focusing on my breathing for a few minutes at a time a good way to push out the thoughts for a few moments in time. Prayer is also a great form of mindfulness (as long as you can let go afterwards) and music therapy is a great way to change your mood suddenly and start to create positive rather than negative thoughts. 



written by NIchole Grimshaw

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Do you Believe in Coincidence?






It can be hard to let go of our past experiences especially when we do not seem to understand why something is or did happen to us. Something I have come to know throughout time is life has no coincidence. Sometimes things I do not want happen and yet it will lead to a bigger or better opportunity, strengthen or teach me something I needed. If you can learn to recognize signs that are happening in the present and gain the faith and trust you need to move forward yo will never look back or need understanding again. I want to share a story of so called coincidence and hope. 


About a year ago a friend of mine we will call her Sara. Sara had developed a great spiritual belief and has had so many troubles in her relationships. Men would just love her but never commit. after around a year they would break up and she would always be heartbroken. There was one man in 2008 that was the catalyst for her spirituality and faith but also, caused my friend unimaginable pain. She loved him More than anything I have witnessed in this world. Well a year ago Sara had the same situation happen once more with different love. However, at the same moment all of these things were occurring can you guess who she became friends with the 2008 guy… Coincidence or a source of help, remembrance, and understanding… Well, that is your call…. I want to tell you how this story ends and I can tell you it is extremely positive and she is happier than ever… Keep in mind even the people we bring in to our lives have purpose and with faith and understanding of why we lose people and things is always to gain more later on…

Personally, I do not believe in coincidence I think everything we pray and ask for sometimes needs a new perspective or outcome to come about and that means a huge change in our lives. this is especially true when others are involved. So have faith look at your coincidences because you need and attracted them. Trust and always look to the present and what you want in the future. Never think upon the past because the past is what you needed even if it doesn’t seem that way