In the Service of Others

As humans we are in constant search of happiness. Many people are filling this need with objects like our cars, phones, houses,electronics and other people. Then, in order to support our addiction of possessions that we think will fulfill the need to be happy we grow up get jobs that will make us enough to money to pay for the car, house, phones, etc… Yet, even if we have a job that allows us to gain all the “best” things in life we are still reaching for the next thing and never gaining the fulfillment. This was the struggle I found myself in not to long ago. I was working a job that would simply allow me to get by and gain possessions. It took zero creativity and I felt so under utilized. In other words I was wasting my time and instead of creating what i wanted, looking inwards, and trying to make a change I was going through the motions and placing my attention outside rather than inwards. I was so unhappy! I felt as if I was trapped in a constant whirl wind and One day I had to escape my work environment and start making a difference. I always wanted to help others in some way, to truly create change, I wanted to be free… I now believe this urge is the same for all individuals. The same urge to be at the service of others… to touch others hearts and to be free to create a better world. Some may do this with singing, drawing and writing and some may be health care workers, or firefighters… etc… Yet, all people need to find what service to humanity will make their spirit sing for joy! If you are going through the motions be brave and trust in your ability, look with in and move towards a higher purpose 🙂 In the service of others you find true moments of happiness