The importance of Goal setting and writing Objectives



Goal setting is something that is crucial in achieving anything you want in your life. The act of setting a goal when done properly does a couple crucial things that will lead you to organize your projects even if you do not know how to achieve a goal in the end. The reason goal setting is important is because it will allow you to come up with small objectives that when added up as a whole leads you to the final destination. Think of the goal as the Destination and the Objective as each step towards your journey.


How to set a Good Goal- 


First in order for a goal to be good it needs to have a time frame this will give you perspective and motivation on what you need to achieve and allows you to measure your goal. For example, I am finishing up my Ebook now i am writing now and my original goal was as stated.


I will finish my e book by the end of July this year.


The other important aspect of a goal is it should be broad and cover all aspects this is the big picture you want to achieve. This is the end result instead of the means to get there. I am sure you have all heard the saying you don’t need to see the whole staircase just take the first step. The goal is always your final destination.


How to create good objectives- 


The objectives are the small actions you need to take every day that will move you towards your goal. I personally live by “The Rule of 5” therefore i take 5 steps i think are important every day towards achieving my goal. Objectives are small actions that are measurable and should be done quickly and regularly. for example, one of my objectives today is


Tonight, I will research at least, 5 spiritually successful people and find at least 3 commonalities in their processes and how they live their life for my e book.


Goals and objectives are an important step to creation process and practiced amongst all successful individuals. I guarantee if you begin to write out what you are working towards and apply writing objectives daily towards your goal these small steps will add up to an amazing end result you will be proud of.


written by Nichole Grimshaw

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Bravery or Optimistic Denial



Fear comes in a lot of different forms and according to Tim Ferris most people look at this as optimistic denial. Think to yourself do you really think your situation can improve or are you simply in optimistic denial. Optimistic denial is one step below fear. People who continually pretend things will get better but are never brave enough to try are actually more fearful than the people who can go out of their way to actually picture failure. Now, what you really need is to take the step from Fear up to simply just moving towards what you want without any fear. That is true bravery and making a jump towards actions will only bring greater joy.


Now, Figure out which stage you are in and if you are ready to jump towards your goals great! yet, most people are fearful and need to recognize what they fear and just do it because that fear is typically the thing we actually need to do the most! Go face your fear and each and every day continue to fear and move in the right direction. Lastly if you are not even ready to recognize what you are scared of its time to write down those worries and fear. Write down why you are scared make this your worst case scenario. Then, put yourself in those shoes. Get yourself in to the fear stage so you can begin to face them and ready yourself for the jump towards the goal!



written by NIchole Grimshaw

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