What is Compassion and how to live it ?



Compassion is in my opinion is a rare trait amongst people today? The greatest and most wonderful people in the world understand and practice compassion. Compassion is described as the ability to feel what others around you are going through and truly understand. Now, there are people who feel the pain of others and go out of there way to change things or help. Yet, so many people feel self absorbed in ego and never move to help anyone or they will only help when personally convenient or if it will help them get ahead. 

Think of yourself today and try to put yourself into everyone and everything’s shoes. How do they feel and how would that effect you. How can you change things or help these people. when is the last time you did something without hope of reward and simply because it was the right things to do? This is your compassion!


Here are a few other ideas of how to try and live compassion below- 

1. listen to the needs of others- try to understand them even if you do not agree with how they feel. 

2. Find commonalities between yourself and other people- we are all the same thing made up of nothing different and regardless of what choices we have made we all have common interests, needs, and so much more. start to look at others as an extension of yourself. Do to others what you would have done on to yourself!

3. Help those you can and provide hope and love- simple intercede in the way you should and show that all people are valuable. appreciate what you have and who they are because there is no difference. 

4. Let go of hurt- we can not hold all feelings in. Be present then and move forward to create, love, and help again… that is compassion


written by NIchole Grimshaw

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Causes of Anxiety?





I just finished reading a new writing about what the causes of anxiety are. after reading this Blog I thought it is important to show how we have control over our anxieties as people. to begin all our anxieties are in life is something we fear to happen. Fear in itself is a useless emotion which holds us back from our highest achievements and abilities. In fact Bravery is my favorite quality because no one truly lives if they are cautious or scared to act. i am going to explain what they say is the cause, why it is the cause and explain one way a person can work towards getting over it. 

1. genetics- It is said that our genetic makeup may be a cause of anxiety since it seems like anxiety will be passed from one generation to the next… 

– of course it seems genetic we are taught from the people around us how to act, think and be happy. If we are taught to fear and worry growing up as adults we are more likely to fear and worry. If you were someone raised to fear and worry then I recommend facing one  fear at a time that has been long ingrained in your heritage and please do not ask the people who are anxious for the help with anxiety they have not found peace and can not help you find yours. 

2. Life experiences-  actual past actions or events that make us fear that history will repeat itself. 

– this is a subconscious programing issue. we can train our brains to believe anything we want. If we believe we are loved then we will be loved and if we believe we are hated then we are hated. our subconscious will send out that energy and we will be given people who either love or hate us. So worrying about something will make that action or event happen. Now if this is an engrained habit you need to start telling yourself what you want to believe over and over again until your subconscious mind sends out the vibration of what you want to happen. 

3. feeling out of control- many people do not feel like they have control over their lives and this makes them feel fear and worry

– whether you believe it or not you are at the wheel of your car and in control of the direction. all you need to do is rid yourself of what ever makes you feel the lack of control and fully move forward. I know this is typically easier said than done but, making a commitment to let go of what we ant to control will give us more control of ourselves and bring greater happiness



Who am I….Happiness, Wellness, Life Coach :)

My name is Nichole Grimshaw and I am currently working and helping others gain knowledge and secrets about how to become a whole person and be happy. This has been a constant struggle for me since I was not the most blessed child… I came from a low income family in RI, where drugs, abuse and low self esteem was prominent and there on a day to day basis.

I always knew that motivating people… writing and creating was something I was drawn to do… I have been studying cultures of the happiest people in the world and what other people who seem to live amazing life’s do each day that the majority of people do not understand.

My goal is to share knowledge and experiences that i have or learned to help others begin a journey to happiness and achieving what they really want in life!!!