Many of us see our morals we are taught as children, accept the tangible world that is created by the parents and structures around us, we have a strict concept of right and wrong. I question all authority and wonder why we do not simply try to understand happiness and hold ourselves back from what we truly want. a lot of this time our sense of right and wrong, obligation, lack of creating is what holds us back from the happiness. I have said many times that we are constantly being held back by the beliefs of other people as well. We have been told over and over what we can and can not do well by others around us. Then, we become what they tell us over time. I want everyone to begin to create their own lives based on what they want and have always wanted. Learn to question the authority of those around them. So, how can we do this? Three ways, we place ourselves around like minded people, learn empathy and unconditional love and understanding, and finally we learn to control our thoughts and beliefs. 

First of all, Everyone around us is here to help us along and the supportive people you need are there in your life but are they the people you spend your life with. For example, I have a friend who I truly love because he has an idea and we make it happen when we are together. The reason is we are creative energy because of the freedom. This is a platonic relationship that i ran in to by attracting like minded people. Now, I can easily not spend my focus on this friendship which is new and continue to be around the egotistical friends who have goals that will never satisfy them. This is my will and choice ( and of course sometimes I do) to be with who I want. Find the people who have the closest perspective on life as you do. These people are here to help you and begin to create and believe in yourself. 

Next, Learning to understand and feel everyone’s thoughts and feelings as a wholeness and oneness. This is true energy and what most of us would consider Christ consciousness. I always say my ability to feel what others do leads me to forgive and love all people no matter what they have done. I have always known compassion and can step in to others shoes. for most of us this is something we need to learn. It is compassion that leads us to make the correct choices and not hurt the people who will always be held back, cant seem to find true happiness in their lives, and believe the material possessions will be all there is and yet they cant create anything helpful to achieve the possessions they covet. Compassion and Empathy lead us to true understanding of ourselves and others. This is what lets us discover what it is like to be the starving artist and understand their creativity, it is what lets us understand the child born in to a third world country and we may create an organization that saves them, or finding our compassion around the earth and we become people who want peace overall or environmental clean up. The wider our compassion and understanding reaches the more creative we become and the more we are driven to act upon it. This is what brings us true success!

Lastly, We need to understand the majority of people are going to be living life by popular media and controlled culture. This will lead them to tell you that you cant accomplish what you dream of or want. the more you hear this the more you believe it. start reprogramming your beliefs by telling yourself you can do it. Remember everything around us starts as inspired thought and action. Simply think it and move towards it. tell yourself you will and can the entire way and do not listen to the Haters. If they do not believe let them hold themselves back in life not you. 

To end my rant today, I want to leave you with the thought of whether or not you simply accept what you are told and limit yourself to the world other people create or you go out and make a reality that is both rewarding, loving and amazing. Now is the best time to begin to change the limits you have for yourself and to Make the future better for everyone. Go live the life you want.


written by NIchole Grimshaw

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