Pay It Forward… Thank You!


If you had read my post yesterday you know what I was coming in to today at work… I had been praying the majority of the ride in for courage and for all to work out! Sometimes we need to see the little signs around us and appreciate all there is. Well, I pulled in to Dunking donuts this morning because like so many New Englander’s I Run on Dunkin’ LOL! I ordered my Iced coffee through the drive through ” Hazelnut Iced Regular Please” and I often choose to not wait in the drive through but this morning I did for some reason. I was still doing my morning routine of praying in my head the whole time and as I got up to the window the cashier said “Your All Set” at first I looked Bewildered, thinking to myself what do you mean all set. The lovely young girl through the window said the lady in front of you wanted to pay for your coffee. I knew I had no idea who the woman was because I was not in my home town and I do not believe things happen on coincidence. Thank you for the sign and Thank you to the lady in front of me who just wanted to do something nice today! It meant way more than you even Know!

Written by Nichole Grimshaw

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