Changes in Life Path anre you Man 1 or are you Man 2


There are always times in life where we fear and worry about what will happen in our lives. Let’s face it Bad things happen! yet, it is truly how you look at the changes in life that make us who we are and decide what type of fate we will have.


For example, Lets look at two people equal in every way. Both of these people work the same job and both of these people gt let go on the same day. with no savings or way to get buy; Man one decides to stress and worry about it. He calls his mother and begs for help crying and receives it. He then takes his time trying to find a job and continues his self pity and neediness throughout this process. He feels like he had no responsibility in what happened and saw no opportunity. after a bit of time he lost the people closest to him because he was borrowing to much money and making people feel badly when they are around him.  On the other note there is Man two who decided that he was in need for a change in his life anyway. In fact he was praying to god for the ability to be more independent and did not want to rely on a boss any longer. This man felt like it was his answer. He didn’t know exactly what he would like to do but each day he worked as hard as he could. He researched his interests, found like minded people to help and prayed the whole way. This man opened his own business, made many new friends, and no longer has to rely on someone else opinion of himself and his work to take care of himself and his family. People now have great respect for him and his life is 100 fold better.


It should be obvious what the differences are with these two men! First of all the trust in god and where you are going is a huge part of growing in our lives. If you are not able to take a backseat and trust in what you are looking for and have prayed for then how will you ever gain happiness. If man two did not get let go then how would he have gained his financial freedom. Sometimes we all need a push! We also look at trust and can measure it by how positive and thankful we are for the opportunity placed before us. Man one was so negative that he continued to lose more as time went by. A positive and thankful attitude draws in what we need in life shows that we trust it will all work out. Now, I pose to you the question, Which Man are you and when you find yourself at a crossroads where life will change do you embrace it and walk down the path or do you try to fight it, and resent it. If you want to become a better, happier person this change from man one to man two is a huge step.


written by Nichole Grimshaw

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What is Christ Consciousness?

This is a question I am asked often? I personally do not like the term because it makes the term Christ Consciousness seem only available to Christians but this is not the case. Christ consciousness is our ability  to become a full and spiritually whole person. Spirit is everything around us and connects every object, person and animal on earth through one conscious energy stream.This spirit is what makes us all act as one, create and love. the ascension in to Christ consciousness is becoming aware of the spirit and feel for everything around us. This includes the empathy and love for everyone you meet and come in to contact with.


 OK so if Christ consciousness is not limited to only Christians then why do we call it Christ consciousness. It is simple, because Jesus when on earth achieved this enlightened state of living. He displayed unbelievable love and compassion for all life. No matter what you believe you have to agree that this is a beautiful thought. Therefore; it is simple studying the actions and feelings of Jesus are so much more valuable than the words that we misconstrue in to some religion that can change upon one mans ego or needs at any given moment. If we follow his compassion, trust, and need to create, teach, save, help, etc… His love of all people and appreciation is what we were suppose to learn not the words which are open to interpretation.  



written by NIchole Grimshaw

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How do you let go of attachment ? question to all

Did you know the origin of suffering is attachment, Often we recognize our attachments are unhealthy yet we suffer because we have such a disillusion idea of who and what we should be and have. I am on a course to let go of all of my attachments and enter each relationship I have with the realistic idea that at some point it will end. Nothing is forever and holding on to our wants, needs, people we love who do not love us back any longer, fears, worries, and possessions lead us to perpetual misery. I no longer want to long for anything but instead enjoy what is happening around me at all times. I would love suggestions on how others let go of all things and am willing to re post for your help?