Are We Tested?


We are all familiar with what is the most well known story of God testing mankind. In this story God asks Abraham to make a sacrifice of his son in Gods name. Abraham at that point took his son to the the top of the mountain and prepared to sacrifice him. That is when God stopped him right before it happened. Although, today we don’t make sacrifices in Gods name are we tested like Abraham was. I Believe we are and I believe before God answers our prayers we need to prove our love for him the same way Abraham was.

When we pray for something using The Law of Attraction and/ or God / The source of everything we need to prove ourselves to god before our prayers our answered. This is done through trust and love that we will gain the answers from god and that we cant accomplish our goal or need without the source. For example, I personally was asked to walk away from someone before being brought to my soul mate. I had to sacrifice the entire life I was accustomed to and move in a foreign direction and trust in the destination. I personally have been tested each time my life was about to change for the better or a prayer would be directly answered.

When trying to change your life you need to understand that we need to trust in the destination and understand that their is sometimes a price that needs to be paid for the greater good. Fear of giving up what is asked of you and moving in a different direction holds you back. Next, time you feel stressed or something randomly pops in to you life pay attention to the solutions and choices placed ahead of you and find the divine guidance and move ahead with complete trust and joy!


written by Nichole Grimshaw

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