Effort vs. Consistency

Is it better to work hard or simply make small changes every day. Lately I have been pondering this and trying to come up with a definitive answer. I made a list of a few things I have been pondering making changes in my life and thinking about what it would take to accomplish them. My biggest but not only thing on my list is losing the 10 lbs I put on from going to a desk job over the last year. I had tried insanity and believe me the name is fitting because you have to be off your rocker to finish something that difficult. In short each time I quit after only a few days. I just didn’t think the juice was worth that squeeze. Also, my schedule was so busy I hated the idea of changing my life around to find the hour a day it takes and the half hour it would take to recover. So after reading something about making change through consistent actions I decided to apply it to every aspect of my life. This included the 10 lbs I have been ignoring for the last month or so.


To begin, I thought about my current schedule and what I do on a regular basis. I wrote it out and pondered what activities I already do and like that I can make more beneficial to help lose the weight. For example, I usually take the dog for a walk around the block every day; I like doing this and it has been really nice out. So, now I have doubled the walking distance each day ( no more than a mile) and I have decided I hate cardio and was not going to be on a treadmill everyday. So I decided that I would try my hardest to do other adult activities at night… Every Night… Believe me Ryan has been pretty happy and It burns more than double the calories anyway. This is the extent of my working out every day with absolutely zero additional changes. I still eat the way I would like and keep my schedule the same. With the addition to these couple of activities I plan to lost the weight I have gained. I am down 3 lbs from the start of my routine and plan to continue this action indefinitely.


It is in my opinion that consistency in life is better than all out isolated effort. although effort gets you results faster. you will lose them equally as quick because keeping up with something that requires such commitment is typically difficult for most individuals but making small changes and keeping them up every day will get you slow results that endure. I recommend apply this to everything your business if you want to expand and grow, your children if they are not behaving the way you would like, your body, your relationship and overtime watch the small investments pay off with the happiness you are looking for.

Written by Nichole Grimshaw

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